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About Hemingway Publications.

What services do we offer? :

Our company is a culmination of several different aspects of business. We started out offering basic software for insurance companies, then moved into website design and hosting. With the expansion of our company in 2013 we added the publications and massage supplies to our line-up. This may seem like an odd combination to some, however we are now able to offer the massage world not only great products from supplies and tables, but also all of their web needs as well.

How we started:

Starting in the early 90's as JBR Group our locally and family owned company grew, changing its name to JJI Web in 2004, and then JJI Web Solutions Inc. in 2011. In 2013 we acquired a publications and supply company. In 2015 we started to merge all aspects of the ever growing company into one name... Hemingway Publications.

What's Our Goal:

We've come a long ways since its humble beginnings yet our main focus is still geared towards proving top quality service to companies looking for that personal touch you can't get from the "big box" style companies.